Meet Dr. Won

Dr. Jocelyn Won is a proud mother of two endearing children. Is the Bald Eagle Sleeping? is her first children’s book. It was written to help her son go to bed.

Jocelyn graduated from University of California at San Diego with a major in Biochemistry and a minor in Psychology. She received her Medical Doctor degree from University of Hawaii in 1997, and was elected to the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society for scholastic achievement and merit.

Jocelyn has been practicing family medicine since 2000. As a dedicated physician, she has been involved in various medical outreach programs aiding underserved patients, and has served as volunteer medical faculty to instruct residents and medical students.

Jocelyn is currently taking a sabbatical from her medical career. “The best decision I have ever made is to be a 100% mom during the most important years of my children’s lives.”

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