Book Float Contest

Our daughter won 1st place in her school’s book float contest for her first grade class. Each child created a book float by building a display of their favorite book on top of an old shoe box.  This was especially meaningful since the book she chose was none other than Is the Bald Eagle Sleeping? by Mommy.

Book Float 1st Place

We drove to a local craft supply store to buy loose feathers and a couple of styrofoam balls.

To make the bald eagle’s nest, Daddy helped her cut some branches from the olive tree in our backyard.  She glued them one by one onto the shoe box for the nest .


Next, she glued white feathers on a styrofoam ball for the head and brown feathers on another styrofoam ball for the body.  She molded the small triangular beak with yellow clay and cut out eyelids from black construction paper.

Gluing feathers onto eagle

By the time my daughter completed the book float, the bald eagle almost came alive.

This week, the winners of the book float contest get to have a pizza lunch with a local author.  She is so excited!

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4 Responses to Book Float Contest

  1. Shirley Short says:

    Hi Jocelyn,
    Mei Ling did such a good job on her book float contest, such a talented girl. Guess she gets that from her mom. Congratulations on your first children’s book.

    Auntie Shirley

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